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This work is some notes of learning and practicing data structures and algorithm.

  1. Part I is some brief introduction of basic data structures and algorithm, such as, linked lists, stack, queues, trees, sorting and etc.
  2. Part II is the analysis and summary of programming problems, and most of the programming problems come from,,,,
  3. Part III is the appendix of resume and other supplements.

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Other contributors can be found in Contributors to algorithm-exercise


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To Do

  • [ ] add multiple languages support, currently 繁體中文, 简体中文 are available
  • [x] explore nice writing style
  • [x] add implementations of Python, C++, Java code
  • [x] add time and space complexity analysis
  • [x] summary of basic data structure and algorithm
  • [x] add CSS for online website
  • [x] add proper Chinese fonts for PDF output

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